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The Dam, Belle

Belle Watling was the kind Mistress of the Atlanta Brothel frequented by the Officers of the Confederate Army.  Our Belle Belle is the sweetest, most loving creature I have ever known!  She loves everyone with all of her heart and she insists that you love her back.  If you try to resist, she will happily use her strength to pin you down until you reciprocate her love for you.  You can't outrun her love either because she is, without a doubt, the fastest runner on the farm.  Her playground is our 20 acre farm here in Conyers, GA. She also keeps the company of Scarlett and Rhett, so she is never lonely.

We have had Belle from the day she was born. Belle is one of the puppies from Handsome and Scarlett's litters.  I personally assisted with her birth right here on the farm!  Out of all of the puppies in her litter, she was the first to escape the whelping box to come find her people.  She is loved and adored by all who meet her.  We are SO lucky and blessed that God chose us to be her people.  I am GRATEFUL every day to have her in our lives!

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