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Stud Dog, Red Rock - CHIC#153847

Our Commitment to the Breed

We cherish the pure-bred Poodle.  We will not Doodle or allow the Merle

Gene to sully our line ever.  We health test and will give preference to other responsible breeders.  The Paradise Found line is a wonderful pet quality line, clear of doodles and will remain so.

Paradise Found Red Rock

Paradise Found Red Rock is 2.5 years old and full of life and vigor.  He is owned and raised by Melanie Fread, my sister, in Ottawa, Illinois.  Melanie is a former trainer and groomer.  You will find her quite knowledgeable.  He is a magnificent example of a dog who has it all.  He is genetically health tested with all normal results and OFA qualified hips, eyes and thyroid all clear. CHIC #153847.  All results have been posted here on the site for your convenience.  This information is critical to breeding responsibly.

Height and Weight

Rock’s weight is 52 pounds and he is <TBA> at the withers and is <TBA> from the withers to the base of the tail.  You will note that this is the perfect Standard Poodle square.  Our line is right in the middle of the standard for Standard Poodles.


Rock is from our Matriarch, Scarlett and Handsome’s, first littler.  First and most important to our program at Paradise Found is temperament.  He is kind and loving.  He was taken into nursing homes for comfort and nonjudgmental love before the Pandemic took over.  Please notice the Paradise SMILE.  The face is so animated on our dogs that you feel like you are talking to your best friend, and you are.  When the world settles down, we hope to be able to continue our outreach visits.

When do you need to bring your female?

Females should be brought to Melanie in IL.  We prefer planned breeding.  The sooner you book the better.  You will be asked for ½ of the stud fee at booking.  This is nonrefundable unless approved by Melanie.  She will do up to 2 ties 24 hours apart.  There will be space for you to leave your female overnight.  Please be accurate counting your days for fertility.  We prefer days day 11 (from the first show) to 14.  You bring her day 11.  We get a tie and wait 24 hours to do another tie.  We will not do any more than 2 ties.


Payment is due at drop off.  We prefer VENMO or cash.  Rock is a proven STUD DOG.  Rock’s breeding rate is $1500.00.


We will refund a fee if there is no pregnancy or tie.  It takes 21 days get and accurate ultrasound.


Please let us know your results.  We want to celebrate with you!

In the event of a singleton, or no puppies at all, we will offer another breeding free of charge.  We are not responsible for reabsorption or any other health related pregnancy loss.

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