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And then there was 1

Letting go has always been difficult for me.... I love fast and hard. I was very diligent when checking out the people Scarlett's puppies went to. So far we have 6 placed in wonderful households where they will be loved and adored. Green Boy will be trained by the K9 Corps at Fort Benning GA as a service Dog...Red Boy went to another great military family. He will offer stability for a family that serves all of us. Lite Blue boy went to a Couple on a farm in MS. Pink girl is up in the Winston Salem area. Mom is a Doc at Duke. Great kids. Blue Boy is landing in IL with my sister Melanie. She is a dog trainer, groomer , breeder. He will be doing service, agility and obedience trials very soon. Lite Pink Girl is on a horse farm in South Carolina. She is going to be trained as a DUCK DOG. I am keeping Purple Girl.

And then there is Orange Boy. He is the biggest. He is a laid back dude. Loses his people and demands those hugs and snuggles that he knows makes us feel so good. There is no reason for him to be last other than.... someone had to be.

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