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Mom on a Mission

Last night I received a call from Stacy from South Carolina. She wanted to know if she and her son could come drop by this morning. Why not? Come ahead. We are what we are and we love our dogs and pups. They drove the 2.5 hours to get here, see the pups, and then get back home for a pitching lesson. When a Mom wants the very best for her kids NOTHING like rain, distance or anything else will deter her.

Stacy and her family face unique challenges. 2 of her children are living with Type 1 Diabetes. They are searching for just the right dog to have trained as a service alert dog who will alert changes in blood sugars for the boys. They had a great Standard Poodle named MAX who did his job until the day he passed unexpectedly in December. This in itself is heart breaking. The family waited 8 months for MAX to be trained for this big important job. It was important to Stacy and Logan to see our pups so they could make the right choice. Please check out Bringing MAX Home page on Face Book. You will not be sorry.

I already have several deposits from families waiting for a puppy. I called all of them and asked if they would forgo their place in line so that our whole litter could be temperament tested to see if any of our pups might have an aptitude for this kind of work. All 4 people were happy to wait for the testing. I personally would love to be part of the journey and learn more about breeding for temperament. So now we wait. Feb 7 is day 49 and the trainers will be here to do their thing.

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