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OUR first Litter, My first Blog Post

I love Standard Poodles. Simple as that. Rhett was our first. Our means more than 1. Yes my Love, Christopher Stone is in this all the way with me. If you watched the PBS series Downton Abby you will recognize our Rhett's personality. He is definitely CARSON, the head butler. More stuck up than any one else, up or down stairs. We saw that Rhett needed more company. We moved to a Small farm East of Atlanta and the fields begged for a Solid Red Standard to leap and bound in. No we did not name the farm TARA, I was tempted. Enter Scarlett, The red eyed Devil Dog. Said in jest but in truth she is the exact opposite of Rhett. Flighty, Fun and FABULOUS describes her to a tee. Her red color is striking, her eyes snap as they sparkle with all kinds of plans for what the 2 of you can do together.

At 2.5 it was time to breed our Scarlett. We got our health testing done. Our wonderful breeder Jessica from Thompsons Proverb Poodles put us in touch with Lynn Sanders. We are breeding for a nice Dark RED that holds. Most do fade a bit but I knew if I went 3 generations back in both pedigrees that we stood a better chance. The dogs met and tied within 30 seconds. She was no Lady. This was not new news.

On December 19 Scarlett started acting weird at 3 in the morning. My sister Melanie Martin Freid flew in to help with the delivery. She bred and trained German Shepherds for many years. I just felt that I would be more comfortable with an experienced person right there. She was great at waking me up and going back to sleep on the couch. It did take a while for that first miracle to present himself to the world. All in all she had 8 live puppies and 1 stillborn. That last puppy was born at 9:30 PM. To say we were all tired is an understatement.

We have 8 beautiful Red Standards.

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