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He is charming and quite flirty.  He started using the right paw to swat for attention as soon as his eyes were open.   I think this boy needs someone to look after.  He is 100 % looking to please and luv luv luv. He is crate trained completely and almost housebroken.  His personality testing showed a propensity for service.  He gets along well with our bigger Poodles and is not in the least timid.  He will also make a good retriever as he loved to play ball.  The most interesting thing about Greenboy is his ability to make up and play games on his own.  He will throw the ball and chase it.  He is over the mouthy sharp teeth stage.  Bacically he is waiting for his real name, his real place and a real family to love and be loved by.  This little guy checks all the boxes.

Green Boy

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