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Puppy Application

Your decision to purchase a Poodle is a major one.  Many things should be taken into consideration before making that final decision. 


With a poodle you are looking at a lifetime of grooming. It is important that you understand that the purchase price of one of these beauties is just the beginning.  Poodles are very social.  They love to race through the fields together or sit next to you on the couch.  They are not solitary animals.  This is why so many poodle owners decide to add a play mate.  Poodles are Hypo Allergenic.  This is wonderful for the pet owner however the poodle becomes even more sensitive to allergens.  And so goes the life of a Poodle owner. 


Please look over the puppy application below and answer honestly.  Our only goal is to send our puppies into well informed happy FOREVER homes where the only job they have is to be Poodles and give you love.  It may seem tedious.  You will understand once you fall in love.

We at Paradise Found want all of our new family members to know that we are here for the life of our pup.  Should anything happen we will take this precious puppy back home.

Paradise Found
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