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About Us

My name is Martha Mast.  My life partner, Christopher Stone, and I own Paradise Found.  Paradise Found is the name of our farm.  We are located just east of Atlanta in Conyers, GA.  We have 20 acres of fenced in playground for dogs and grandchildren.  There is nothing in the world like watching Standard Poodles run free and fast. 


We currently own 4 Standard Poodles.  Rhett Butler was our first, and we were hooked.  His temperament is loyal and very obedient.  He can come off as a bit above it all and judgmental.  We know him for who he really is, though.  A dog who is happiest in the fields getting dirty and wet.  Our pool is the best water bowl ever.  We searched and searched for just the right playmate for Rhett. (yes, you will most likely want to get a playmate).  Thompson Proverb Poodles out of Florence, AL had our Scarlett.  She was perfect in every way for our household.  Scarlett is happy; her tail has one speed: happy and fast. Her eyes snap and sparkle like she is thinking of the next best thing for her to do with you.  Above all, she insists that you love her. 

We are not a kennel.  Rhett, Scarlett, Belle and Pitty Pat live in our home with us.  They are very much a part of all of our decisions.  Scarlett is so joyful we decided to breed her. We each have our own businesses and do not count on puppy sales to make a living.  We are breeding for fine temperament, health and DEEP MAHOGANY RED color. 

The puppies will sell for $1560 with Limited Registration. This is a Roll back to pre Covid priing.T here may be an exception if you plan to compete in conformation and/or the various sporting events available.  I am only interested in seeing our puppies go to homes where their only "job" is to spread happiness, joy, and loyalty.  We insist on meeting future owners.  I will not ship.  We will deliver using our own Flight Nanny. The puppy must be small enough to ride inside the cabin.


Poodles are very social and should live in your home with you.  I understand that some hunters (Poodles are great hunters) prefer their dogs to be outside.  That’s great…just not my pups.


Our General Policies:


We will sell our pups with limited Registration.  If you decide you want to show your dog in AKC sanctioned events and have the stomach to take your dog to his or her Championship, I will grant full registration...and ask for a pick puppy.  


The puppies will be health tested, given their first round of shots, dewormed, Chipped and their tails are docked to show length.  Additionally, their dewclaws have been removed.

We are using PUPPY CULTURE. PUPPY CULTURE is a tested program to better socialize the puppy you take home to be part of your family.  More to come on the program in PUPPY CULTURE.


There will always be a place in our home for any of Scarlett's puppies.  Should you have a reversal of fortune you need not worry about your precious Red Poodle.  We are here to love them forever.

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