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Available Puppies

Welcome back to Paradise Found, Red Standard Poodles!

Adopting a pet should never be taken lightly.  We have taken steps to assure you and your family have a wonderful experience.  The puppies are born and raised in our kitchen.  I am able to close it off and keep it warm and give Mom a calm place to deliver.  It also makes for a puppy that is used to noise and the typical everyday sounds will not startle.  We have delightful play yard just off the kitchen where our puppies are safe.  They also learn the social skills necessary to be happy contributors to your family. 

In order or us to make good recommendations to families we have the puppies personality tested on day 49.  Holly Klovig uses the Volhard testing tool to guide us in the right direction.  For instance, if you squeeze a puppy paw just to the point of discomfort…What does the puppy do? Does he cry and pull away?  Does he just pull away?  Does he bite the hand that is hurting him? All are possibilities.  This way we can protect your family and the dog.

We genetically Health test our Dams and require the same of all of our Sires.  We also are registered with OFA.   YOU will find The results are posted under The Dam and The Sire on the menu.  We are continually working to send the healthiest, happy pets home to you. 


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